Collection: Original 100% plant based Japanese Konjac Sponge

What is a Konjac Sponge? 

It's a traditional facial exfoliating cleansing sponge from Japan, made from Konjac Yam Roots which been a familiar part of Japanese cuisine for over 1000 years.

Originally used by Konjac farmers in specific areas of Japan to wash their newborn babies, the Konjac sponge, born from parental love, gently removes impurities from your skin without the use of soap, without damaging skin texture.

Konjac fibers are weakly alkaline, while substances like sebum, dead skin cells, and blackheads on the skin are slightly acidic. When these alkaline and acidic components come into contact, they interact and neutralize each other. This neutralizing reaction helps effectively remove skin impurities.

Many reports have also been received about improvements in sensitive skin, acne, and atopic symptoms in Japan after using Konjac Sponge.

Original 100% plant based Japanese Konjac Sponge